yoga by the sea

Tarifa is the southernmost point of the Spanish mainland and is located exactly at the meeting point between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. From our surf school in El Palmar you can drive to Tarifa in less than an hour. In the A-Frame Yoga & Surf Camp blog post about Tarifa you will discover the best things to see, do, taste and experience in Tarifa.

As a little taster – Tarifa offers romantic streets for lovers, really good restaurants for the gourmets among you and designer boutiques for all those who are looking for a souvenir from their Andalusian holiday. Tarifa also boasts a great kitesurfing scene, beautiful beaches, beach bars and whale-watching tours.

All of this and more can be found in the full blog post over at our sister site Surf Camp website.

«Tarifa is one of the coolest cities on Southern Spain because there’s always something going on here»

View on Africa from the beach of A-Frame surf camp spain

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