Surf the perfect wave with the Surf Forecast of El Palmar

The El Palmar Surf Forecast

With just a few clicks, the El Palmar surf forecast can show you when the next perfect swell will arrive and how the surfing conditions will be for the next few days. This will help you make the most of your precious surf time while in El Palmar.


We recommend these surf forecast sites for El Palmar

There are various surf reports for El Palmar and our favourites are Magicseaweed and We recommend these two reliable forecasts after years of experience and surf checks. They tell you everything you need to know to score good surf:

  • Swell size
  • Swell direction
  • Period
  • Wind force
  • and much more

Surf Report from El Palmar on Magicseaweed

Surf Forecast from El Palmar on

Weather and waves in El Palmar

If you want to find out more about surfing in El Palmar, check out our surfing calendar. In the Surf Camp blog post we give you a month by month guide to the weather and waves you can expect in El Palmar so your surf holiday in Andalusia will be an unforgettable experience. Have fun surfing with us in El Palmar!