The best Surf spot in El Palmar

Surfing in El Palmar

Your time surfing in El Palmar will stay with you forever - at this 8km long beach break you can find not only world-class waves, but enough space to surf a peak all by yourself. With the vast Atlantic Ocean all around you and the charming beach village of  Playa El Palmar to return to, it's the perfect surf destination.

The surf spot in El Palmar

Playa El Palmar is the most famous surf spot in Andalusia. Surfers from all over Spain come here to take on the swell, but it is rarely too crowded to find a wave. Especially in winter, when it's getting cold everywhere else, El Palmar still offers mild temperatures and empty line-ups. The Atlantic Ocean provides the surf spot with consistent quality swell - here you can surf all year round.


In El Palmar there is always a lonely peak to surf thanks to its long stretch of virgin beach break. Here, beginners and advanced surfers can find whatever they need for a perfect surf session: Surf beginners can practice in the whitewater or take part in a surf lesson. Better surfers can take an intermediate or advanced surf class or surf independently in the line-up. There are hardly any rocks or dangerous currents here. As you will see, surfing in El Palmar is an unforgettable experience!

      Therefore El Palmar is perfect for surfing:

      El Palmar is the perfect all-round surf spot. 

      These are the reasons why your time surfing in El Palmar will be so fun and memorable - there's something for everyone:

      •  8km long beach break
      • Enough space for surfing for everyone
      • Waves for beginners and advanced surfers
      • Surfable all year round
      • Mild temperatures, even in winter!
      • A-Frame surf school & surf shop right on the seafront.
      • Oasis Restaurant for a snack in between also directly on the beach
      • Yoga with sea view
      • Undeveloped rural beach
      • Child Friendly

      Surf Forecast El Palmar

      To get the most out of your time surfing in El Palmar it is always worth checking out the surfing conditions. We recommend you use either Magicseaweed or These two surf report sites seem to work best for El Palmar. You can find out more about this in our blog Surf Forecast El Palmar.

      When is the best time to surf in El Palmar?

      Surfing in El Palmar is possible all year round, depending on your level and commitment. If you want to know more details about the best seasons to surf, we recommend this surf blog post about waves and weather in Andalusia. It will tell you what temperatures, wave heights and conditions  you can expect for each month of the year.

      El Palmar Surf Webcam

      If you want to get an idea of the waves in El Palmar right now, why not take a look at the A-Frame sponsored El Palmar webcam. With this you can watch the waves and the action on the beach in real time, and dream that you are here, now...

      In summer it can get a little crowded on the beach. In autumn, winter and spring the holidaymakers are back home and the surfers have the beach of El Palmar almost to themselves.

      To the webcam of El Palmar


      Learn to surf in El Palmar

      At theA-Frame Surf School, directly on the beach of El Palmar, we offer surf lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers and private coaching. We are flexible in terms of time. Usually we plan based on the most suitable conditions for your surf lesson but we are also happy to adapt to your holiday plans. If you want to enjoy a week-long surfing holiday, we recommend our surf camp in El Palmar.

      Surf lessons


      Surf camp in El Palmar

      If you want to book a whole week of surfing here, we recommend our surf camp in El Palmar. Here you can stay in comfortable accommodation right on the beachfront. With lots of space and privacy for your well-being you can look forward to delicious fresh food and time to unwind in beautiful surroundings. Come alone, with your family or partner. We have the right surf equipment for every age and size and you can complement your surfing holiday with yoga classes.

      Surf shop in El Palmar

      Our A-Frame surf shop in El Palmar is located directly on the beach. Here you can browse to your heart's content. Besides surfboards and wetsuits you will find everything you need for a day at the beach from sandals to suncream. You will also find the best selection of surf fashion and a few gems from local labels that share our love for the sea and nature.

      Of course you can also rent surfboards in the surf shop. We have high quality boards from Firewire Surfboards, Pukas or Torq for those who already know how to surf. For beginners we have a range of quality softboards and mini-mals and various longboards and midlengths. We are happy to advise you on surf hire.

      Surf shop El Palmar

      Surf Yoga in El Palmar

      Yoga is good for body and mind and the perfect complement to surfing, we offer our popular yoga classes in the A-Frame Yoga House. As a guest in our surf camp you can even book whole yoga trips or a yoga retreat. Yoga by the sea, with the wind in your hair and the sound of the sea in your ears. There is nothing more beautiful – except maybe surfing just before or after... ;-)

      Arrival for your surf holiday in El Palmar in Cádiz

      El Palmar is in the province of Cádiz and is located directly on the coast. This small beach town can be easily reached from the airports of Jerez de la Frontera, Sevilla or Malaga as well as Gibraltar. With a rental car you will be in El Palmar in no time and you can ride the waves from sunrise to sunset. Maybe we will see you in our surf shop, at a yoga lesson or in our new Oasis Restaurant. If not, we'll see you in the water, catching a warm wave with us in El Palmar.