Surf Hire in El Palmar

Surf hire in El Palmar

Do you need a surfboard to ride the waves on your Andalusian holiday? At the A-Frame Surf hire in El Palmar we rent surfboards for all levels and styles.


El palmar surfboard rental

The surfboard shapes and materials in our rental shop cover everything a visiting surfer might need: from the soft top boards for beginners, through unbreakable epoxy funboards for improvers to the hard fiberglass shortboards or longboards for intermediate and advanced surfers.
If you are not sure what you need, we will be happy to help you. Our staff are all passionate about surfing and can give you friendly, professional advice.

        The surfboards in our surf rental in El Palmar

        We have these surfboards in our surfboard rental area, in a range of sizes:

        • Soft-top surfboards (ideal for beginners)
        • Hard mini-mals / funboards (e.g. NSP)
        • Fish
        • Performance shortboards
        • Longboards
        • SUP

        Premium Surfboard Rental in El Palmar

        For surfers with intermediate to advanced surfing skills we offer top quality high-performance brand name surfboards in our premium rental section. You can rent surfboards from Firewire and Torq in a range different shapes and sizes. The surfboards are equipped with premium fins from FCS and Feather Fins. Premium rental is 35€ / day.

        Surfboard Hire El Palmar - Rates & Prices

        You can rent a surfboard or wetsuit from our surf hire shop for a couple of hours to several days. We offer the following options and rates:

        Location & Directions to A-Frame Surf Hire in El Palmar

        The A-Frame Surf School and rental shop is righty across the road from the large car park directly on the beach in El Palmar. Another point of reference is the tower (La Torre) and the restaurant of the same name. We are diagonally opposite.

        When you stand in front of our shop, you will see the A-Frame Yoga-House on the right and the restaurant “Las Delicias Costa” on the left as well as the A-Frame Surfcamp above it. Right in the middle is the A-Frame Surf School & Shop Here you can rent your surfboard and wetsuit.

        Address of the A-Frame surf school in El Palmar

        A-frame Surf School & Shop
        Paseo Marítimo
        11159 El Palmar, Vejer de la Frontera
        Cadiz, Spain

        Navigation coordinates:
        36°13’55.3″N 6°04’14.2″W

        Tel: (+34) 856 658 813
        SMS/Whatsapp: (+34) 664 357 664

        E-Mail:  info(at)

        Surfing in El Palmar

        El Palmar is the ideal place to learn surfing in a relaxed way or to take on challenging waves. This spacious sunny beachbreak offers fun waves for both beginners and advanced surfers. In the surrounding area you will also find numerous surf spots for different levels and styles of surfing, including points and reefs. Now all you need is the right board from our rental shop!

        Surfboard rental and maintenance

        If you are hiring a surfboard for the first time and are not sure how to look after it properly, here are some top tips from our surf coaches:

        • Don’t leave a surfboard facing top up with the wax in the sun (the wax will melt)
        • Do not drag your surfboard or leash behind you. Carry it to the shore and back again
        • Wash the sand off after surfing (either with sea water or with a hose)
        • When using hardboards, be careful not to surf right up to the shore to avoid breaking the fins

        Check out these fun “Tips & Tricks”videos to learn about how to wrap a leash and wax your board:

        How to tie the surfboard leash

        How to wax a surfboard