Yoga classes in El Palmar

A-Frame Yoga in El Palmar

Yoga in El Palmar brings balance in your life and in your mind. Imagine doing yoga by the sea… In El Palmar in southern Spain, you can create your own yoga program: from drop-in yoga classes to yoga trips over several days, A-Frame has everything your yogi heart desires. Our yoga house and terrace, both with a sea view, make this a magical place to let go of your thoughts.

Surf und Yoga in El Palmar

Yoga and surfing fit well together, because yoga strengthens muscles and improves balance it is the perfect complement to surfing. The postures relax and stretch the muscles to prepare you for the next surf session making yoga lessons the perfect way to round off your holiday. Yoga by the sea makes you happy.

At the A-Frame Surf School you can book a yoga lesson in addition to your surf course or you can just drop in spontaneously at one of our open yoga classes at our on-site studio the A-Frame Yoga House.

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A-Frame Yoga by the sea

The A-Frame Yoga House in El Palmar is located directly next to the A-Frame Surf Shop and the A-Frame Surf School right on the beach. Here you can enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean and listen to the wind and the waves. All material such as yoga mats, blocks etc. is provided so you don’t have to bring anything but yourself and comfortable clothes. You can park directly opposite in the large parking lot. In addition to a magnificent view, our yoga house in El Palmar is equipped with the following equipment and facilities:

  • yoga mats
  • bolsters
  • blocks
  • straps
  • eye cushions
  • blankets
  • toilet and washroom
  • large windows for plenty of light and sea views
  • parking lot directly opposite

Yoga classes in El Palmar

In the light-filled A-Frame Yoga House open yoga by the sea takes place almost daily. The timetable includes yoga classes in many different yoga styles such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Dynamic Yoga and Yoga for Kids. There are also Pilates and Zoomba classes. The teachers speak German, Spanish or English. It is best to check the timetable to see which language is being taught.

You can take part in yoga classes spontaneously at any time, you don’t have to register in advance. If you like, you can also book your yoga class online in advance (this service will be available soon). A yoga class lasts 90 minutes and costs 10 Euros. If you come to yoga regularly we offer a discount bonus card giving frequent yogis an even better deal.

Yoga Retreat in El Palmar in Spain

For anyone who wants to spend a yoga holiday in El Palmar, a yoga retreat at the A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp is the perfect choice. In addition to yoga by the sea there is fantastic food, our friendly Team and comfortable accommodation.
On our Camp website you will find a large selection of yoga trips and yoga retreats. The choice of retreats on offer include A-Frame Yoga Trips, Surf Yoga Retreats, Vinyasa Yoga Retreats, Ayurveda Yoga Retreats and many more. Take a look around and find the yoga retreat that suits you best. NB: The site is currently in German with an English version on the way soon.

Why Yoga holidays in Spain?

El Palmar is the perfect place to find your inner balance through your yoga practice. Mass tourism hasn’t arrived here yet and this small Andalusian coastal town exudes a relaxed atmosphere. Here you will find small restaurants, cafes and our surf shop.

El Palmar - Yoga in Andalusia

Especially beautiful is the 8 km long, unspoilt natural sandy beach where you can always find a quiet spot. Besides yoga by the sea you can go for beach walks, surfing or just enjoy the sunshine. El Palmar is ideal for a holiday with the whole family thanks to its peace and quiet and wonderful beach location on the “Coast of Light”.

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